The costs are essentially VAT which can vary from 4% in the case of a first home to 10%, registration tax, mortgage tax and cadastral tax, each of the value of 200 euros, to which are added the costs of any deposit and notary fees .

Let’s try to outline the main steps of the process of buying a new home as a builder and related costs:

Deposit, which must be guaranteed by a surety valid until the deed;

Pre-deed, a new form of protection for those who buy a house under construction to be drawn up in the form of a public deed or private deed authenticated by a notary and for which notary fees, stamp duty of 155 euros, mortgage tax of 200 euros are required and mortgage fees of 35 euros

Mortgage costs if required;

Notary fees. They do not have a fixed and quantifiable amount but vary according to the notary, the municipality, the property.

4% VAT if it is a non-luxury first home or 10% if a non-luxury second home.

The surety cover guarantees the sum paid to the compromise as a confirmatory deposit and can have a progressive content, guaranteeing – within the maximum established limit – the amounts that will be paid to the builder on the basis of the work progress plan and until the actual transfer of ownership to the buyer by notarial deed.

In order to guarantee the buyer the most complete information possible, the law establishes the “minimum” content of the preliminary contract: details of the building permit (or request) and any other qualification; the indication of any mandatory deeds and urban planning agreements stipulated; specifications and project documents; existence of mortgages or detrimental registrations on the property; the technical characteristics of the building; the maximum terms of execution of the building; the total price for the sale.

Some protections for the buyer can extend even after the deed:

right of first refusal in case of auction sale

exclusion from bankruptcy revocation;

Before the deed , which will transfer ownership, the builder will have to proceed with the possible splitting of the loan and the relative mortgage guarantee or with the completion of the deed of assent to the cancellation of the mortgage or a possible attachment.