West Penn Power customers are bracing for another increase in their electricity rates. The company’s latest proposal would cost the average residential customer an extra $64 per month. Though this may be a burden for many residents, the rate hike will help fund environmental compliance and shift Pennsylvania towards greener energy sources.

Despite the rate increase, there is still a way to save on your West Penn Power bill. By comparing West Penn Power plans and providers, you can find a plan that will fit your needs while saving money. Getting familiar with your utility’s rate structure will help you navigate the new rate changes.

West Penn Rates

The utility’s default supply rate is known as the “Price to Compare” and can be found on your monthly electric bill. The PTC includes the price to generate the electricity and the cost to transport it over high voltage transmission power lines to the utility’s local electrical switch yards. From there, the electricity is distributed throughout the West Penn controlled grid for delivery to homes. The PTC is set through auctions held 4 times each year and must be approved by the PA PUC.

West Penn Power is a utility company that operates and maintains the distribution system in their service area. As such, they are responsible for responding to outages and maintaining the infrastructure of poles and wires that bring energy to your home. Customers can choose to purchase their energy from an alternative supplier who is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. By entering their ZIP code on the Choose Energy marketplace, residents can easily compare West Penn Power rates and plans from energy suppliers that offer competitive rates.

Energy Choice in Pennsylvania

Unlike some other states, Pennsylvania is deregulated and allows you to shop for an energy provider. You can browse hundreds of energy providers and choose the best plan for your budget and lifestyle. Once you’ve chosen a plan, the only thing left to do is enroll with your preferred supplier. During the enrollment process, your energy provider will handle all the details of switching over and billing. You’ll receive a monthly electric bill from your new provider that will include the billed electricity supply rate and a distribution charge from your utility.

With the right knowledge and preparation, you can make the most of your west penn Power rate hike. Take a close look at your current usage, compare rates, and find the perfect plan for your household. With a little effort, you can get your bills under control and begin to save. You can also explore a range of other energy-saving initiatives, such as taking advantage of a first-time electric car rebate and installing energy-efficient appliances. Taking steps to save on your electricity costs will help offset any rate hikes and lower your bills over time. So, enter your ZIP code on the Choose Energy marketplace today and start exploring your options. You could save big!