In this case study, we will explore the timeframe for selling a house during a divorce in Texas. The situation involves a couple, Alex and Jessica, who have decided to end their marriage and need to sell their house as part of the divorce settlement. We will follow their journey as they navigate the legal and practical aspects of selling their jointly owned property in Texas. Find more here


Alex and Jessica have been married for eight years and purchased their house five years ago. As they both agree to part ways amicably, they decide that selling their house is the best option to divide their assets fairly. They also want to avoid prolonged legal proceedings and wish to sell the property as quickly as possible.

Divorce Filing and Property Assessment

  1. Month 1: Alex and Jessica file for divorce with the assistance of their respective divorce attorneys. As part of the process, they agree to hire a real estate agent to assess the current market value of the house.
  2. Month 2: The real estate agent conducts a thorough assessment of the property and provides Alex and Jessica with a comparative market analysis. They determine the best listing price to ensure a successful and timely sale.

Listing the House

  1. Month 3: With the listing price set, Alex and Jessica officially put their house on the market. They work closely with their real estate agent to create an appealing listing and marketing strategy.
  2. Months 3 to 5: The house is actively marketed, and potential buyers start to visit the property. Alex and Jessica keep their house clean and ready for showings to attract potential buyers.

Receiving Offers and Negotiations

  1. Months 6 to 7: Several offers come in from interested buyers. Alex and Jessica work with their real estate agent to negotiate the best terms and reach an agreement with a suitable buyer.
  2. Month 8: After careful consideration and negotiations, Alex and Jessica accept an offer that meets their expectations. The buyer completes inspections and due diligence.

Closing the Sale

  1. Month 9: The buyer secures financing, and all necessary documents are prepared for closing. Alex and Jessica work with their attorneys to ensure all legal requirements are met.
  2. Month 10: The sale is finalized, and the house is officially transferred to the new owners. Alex and Jessica receive the proceeds from the sale, which are divided according to their divorce settlement agreement.


In this case study, Alex and Jessica successfully sold their house during their divorce in Texas within a ten-month timeframe. By working together amicably and hiring professionals to guide them through the process, they were able to complete the sale efficiently and divide their assets fairly. It is important to note that the timeframe for selling a house during a divorce can vary based on individual circumstances, market conditions, and legal requirements. Seeking guidance from divorce attorneys and experienced real estate agents can help couples navigate the process smoothly and expedite the sale of the property. Find more here