Your journey of becoming a certified yoga trainer would become such a convenient one if you put the time and energy required in finding the right yoga teacher training program and that is only possible when you know what to look for and it is even better if you have an example to compare, Marianne Wells Yoga School is a yoga and wellness school which ticks all the right boxes and if you are living in where they provide their services or you can connect online then you shouldn’t look any further and get in touch with them as they enjoy the best reviews otherwise you can use them as example and look for what they are offering.


Certification and registrations are really important not just for individuals but yoga teacher training program schools must also be registered with Yoga alliance, this is an internationally recognized organization which registers schools and all the credible yoga teacher training program school are Yoga alliance registered, this should be your basis of search and the starting point as well, if the yoga teacher training program school is registered only then you should consider other factors.

Flexibility is another really important that you should consider, that is relevant to the timing and schedules of classes, a few schools are better than others in managing class timing while others are really rigid with their schedule, the customized and curated ones are provided by some of the top yoga teacher training schools like Marianne Wells Yoga School and if you can afford that then go for that one. Anatomy and techniques of Yoga is really important and as you learn you must be focused on what want to pursue after the classes are over and you become a trainer yourself.