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One of the best methods to save money on your energy bills is by shopping around for a better deal. There are many websites that can assist you in finding the most efficient provider in your local area. Not all websites are created equal.

illuminating company in Ohio may be your local utility, like Cleveland Power or Columbus Gas and Electric (COG&E). Sometimes, even if your supplier doesn’t exist, you may be able to secure an offer.

You can avoid the costly mistake of signing up with unreliable providers by researching the cheapest energy providers in your area. Apples to Apples – The official website of PUCO for natural gas and electricity rates, and plans, is an excellent place to begin.

It’s also a fantastic source of information about energy and its sources, including where it comes from and how it is delivered to you. It also contains the list of the state’s top energy suppliers, as well as interesting information about the field.

In 2001 the Ohio legislature passed Senate Bill 3 which deregulated the state’s energy market and paved the way for customers to pick their own power suppliers and save money on their monthly bills by switching to more competitively priced deals. Since then, the PUCO has been a constant advocate for low-cost electricity and gas plans.